Malcolm Dixon; Music Artist


Malcolm is a musician, song writer and music producer, known for his live and studio contributions to Captain Sensible's (of The Damned) group in the early 1990's. Albums made with Captain Sensible are 'Meathead' (with Malcolm on keyboard, guitar, vocals, and flute) and 'Live at The Milky Way'. While at school Malcolm took classical lessons but was more interested in his own style of alternative rock. In the 1980s Malcolm formed a punk rock/ pop band with school friends, which performed some of his early compositions. Malcolm was then recruited to what became the heavy rock group Stone Cold. The group performed original material in the style of Deep Purple and Frank Zappa, with Malcolm on Hammond Organ and vintage synthesisers.

While studying Music and Economics at Derby University, he joined Captain Sensible to tour and record. He then became involved in an environmental campaign, which eventually led to the creation of a woodland recording studio in Scotland run on wind and solar energy. There he wrote and produced the 'Incredible New Improved Aliens' EP.

Originally from West Sussex, Malcolm is now based in Cumbria. Malcolm has also performed on flute with Nick May's orchestral rock group Whimwise.

He's now working on his own new album projects.

Malcolm Dixon; Guitar
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